Mar 292014
Google+ will Auto Backup all your Pictures from your Computer

Google+ is a great place online for your pictures.  It is the rebranded name for Picasa Web Albums.  I’ve been uploading my pictures to Picasa Web Albums (PWA) for many years.  That’s how I share my pictures.  Once I allowed my Google account to migrate to Google+, those same pictures are viewable in Google Plus [Click for the rest …]

Aug 202013

More and more, we are taking pictures with our mobile devices like our smartphones (iPhones and Android) and our tablets (iPads and Android tablets.)  But we still want to work with them using Picasa on our computers.  How do we get them there?  Dropbox is the answer.  See our newsletter article: Using Dropbox to get [Click for the rest …]

Mar 312013
March 2013 Newsletter: Back to our Roots: Blogger, Picasa, Streets and Trips

Monthly Issue # 65 March 31, 2013                                           Newsletter Archives ‘ Become a Member  ‘ Facebook” All Videos ‘ Subscribe March TechnoGeek Learning Rally As I write this, we are at our TechnoGeek Learning Rally in Bushnell, Florida.  This is a joint rally between TechnoRV and Geeks on Tour .  A small group of dedicated [Click for the rest …]

Dec 282012
Our Top Ten Picasa Articles of 2012

Chris Guld, of Geeks on Tour, writes a Picasa Tip of the Week.  She’s been doing this nearly every week since mid 2008, and you can see them all in our website.  If you subscribe to the email for Picasa Tip of the Week, then you’ve already seen these, but it’s nice to review.  [Click for the rest …]

Oct 282012
October 2012 Newsletter: TechnoGeek Learning Rally, Windows 8, Beautiful Pictures with Picasa, Google Custom Maps

Monthly Issue # 60 October 29, 2012 Newsletter Archives | Become a Member | Facebook|| All Videos | Subscribe Catch-Up October After an extremely busy August and September, we had time to catch our breath, take a few naps, and do some sightseeing in October!  We stayed at some beautiful campgrounds in Tennessee, South [Click for the rest …]

Oct 272012
Pictures of Anastasia Island State Park in Florida

It’s places like this that give me joy in using my good digital SLR camera, and then viewing and editing the pictures later in Picasa.  The picture of the two of us is of particular interest since we were all alone on this beach, and we didn’t have a tripod.  How did we get that [Click for the rest …]

Apr 152012
Is Picasa the Only Software for Managing all your Travel Pictures?

by Chris Guld, www.GeeksOnTour.TV Aren’t digital cameras great?!  Just snap away to your heart’s content, no worries about wasting film, or costing more money, or taking up more space.  You can see right away if you captured the image you wanted, and take more shots if you didn’t.   I’ve been known to take over 100 [Click for the rest …]

Aug 252010
Blue Skies with Graduated Tint

I’ve covered this feature before … but I don’t think I used a very good example in that article, so I’m going to revisit it.  We’ve recently traveled through Montana … you know the tagline right?  Big Sky Country.  We had beautiful weather with clear blue skies, but my pictures did not do the sky [Click for the rest …]

Jan 032010

This video shows you how to download and install Picasa 3 for free from Google.  Once it’s installed, you will need to answer a couple of questions.  This video will answer those questions and briefly explain the Picasa Photo Viewer as well. Alternate Link [152]: Download Video (12.67MB)  

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