Jan 092014

Connect your camera to the computer by whatever method is provided with your camera – usually a USB cable, maybe a card reader. A popup menu with options should appear, and you can select ‘Copy pictures and view them using Picasa3.’ The Picasa Import screen has several options – this video will explain them and [Click for the rest ...]

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Aug 202013

More and more, we are taking pictures with our mobile devices like our smartphones (iPhones and Android) and our tablets (iPads and Android tablets.)  But we still want to work with them using Picasa on our computers.  How do we get them there?  Dropbox is the answer.  See our newsletter article: Using Dropbox to get [Click for the rest ...]

Jan 032013

The following tutorial video shows you how to use Folder Manager to include any folder in Picasa’s View. Also to exclude folders from Picasa’s view.  If you want to watch another video on the same subject, try this older one: Picasa’s Folder Manager #153.

Oct 182012
 Short Course on Organizing your Pictures w/Picasa - 8 Videos

This is an 8 video series on how to organize your Pictures using Picasa. Forget about Picasa! Know where your pictures are WITHOUT Picasa. #232 Using Folder Manager #233 Your Folder System and Backups #240 Importing Pictures to Named Folders #234 Moving Pictures to a New Folder #235 Fixing Folders previously created with Auto-Dates #236 Use Albums to Organize, NOT Folders #237 [Click for the rest ...]

 Posted by on October 18, 2012
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