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Aug 132014

If you live and work in an RV, you need a laptop computer, but you might also want a fullsize keyboard, mouse, and a second monitor. This video shows Chris’ setup in our motorhome.

 Posted by on August 13, 2014
Jul 312014
What is Google+?

It’s written with the + symbol, but we say Google Plus. You can get to it on a web browser by going to the address: If you use Gmail, you can also get to Google+ by clicking on the link to your name with the + sign in front of it.   Google+ is [Click for the rest ...]

Jun 152014
How to Keep Your Facebook Account Safe

You hear a lot of scare stories about people getting “hacked” on Facebook.  Here’s the latest one I heard from a friend of mine: Three friends of mine have had imposters make up Facebook accounts using their names, profile picture, and other information that was public on their page. Then, they harvested my friends’ public [Click for the rest ...]

May 312014
Geocaching Intro App for Travelers

From the Dispatch-Argus Quad Cities Online May 31, 2014: “MOLINE – Jim and Chris Guld’s Saturday evening was unlike that of many others. But then again, their lives are unlike that of many others.  Rather than relaxing on a couch or going out to eat, they helped people find hidden objects scattered around the campus [Click for the rest ...]

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