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Sep 302014
The HDR Camera Setting on my Samsung phone is so good, I can’t take a picture without it!

When you’re taking pictures of pretty, outdoor places, you will often encounter a wide range of light. The shaded areas are dark, and the sun-drenched sky is bright. This is called a High Dynamic Range, and it requires special camera techniques to avoid overexposing the sun, and/or underexposing the shade. If you have an HDR [Click for the rest ...]

Sep 262014
Are you Smarter Than Your Smartphone?

Some people use their phones and tablets all the time. They’re sending text messages, taking pictures, sending and receiving email, and keeping up with friends on Facebook. They’re always ready to show you something about their favorite app or some new feature they’ve just learned. Their smartphone or tablet is never far from their reach, [Click for the rest ...]

 Posted by on September 26, 2014
Aug 312014
How to Play a Video from a Printed Page

When we present our seminars to live audiences, we cover a lot of information. We want people to be paying attention and not taking notes, but we know they’ll forget most of it unless they have a takeaway – something written, so we offer detailed handouts for everyone in the audience. We also play some [Click for the rest ...]

Aug 132014

If you live and work in an RV, you need a laptop computer, but you might also want a fullsize keyboard, mouse, and a second monitor. This video shows Chris’ setup in our motorhome.

 Posted by on August 13, 2014
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