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May 062015
Which Webmail Service do you use?

We use Gmail as our universal inbox for all our email addresses.  We think Gmail (Google Mail) is the best way to go.  When I read the latest post from Bob Rankin, I decided to pass it along to you all.  I’ve been reading Bob Rankin since the Internet began and he is always full [Click for the rest …]

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Apr 302015

Many people are posting this grand tour of the United States on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I was intrigued enough to find the list of the specific landmarks and import them in to my own custom Google Map. You could do the same by using this spreadsheet of 50 US Landmarks and import it into [Click for the rest …]

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Where are Jim and Chris?

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Apr 112015

This is the map from where we’ve checked in on Although you can’t see offhand which marker is the current one, if you follow us it will be clear. For example, we are currently following I-10 east after having been out west since last summer.

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Apr 012015
Geeks Can Fly!

Like many geeks, I have a fascination with flight. I got my first “real” quad copterquadcopter for Christmas this past December. I have been interested in remote controlled (RC) aircraft for a long time. I have flown RC planes going back to the old line-controlled planes that only went in circles and made you dizzy. [Click for the rest …]

 Posted by on April 1, 2015
Apr 012015
7 Tips for Living with Windows 8

It’s different. We know. We hear so many people say, “I just don’t get along with Windows 8.” But, honestly, the different stuff is just an outer shell. With just a few tweaks, you’ll think you’re using Windows 7. Here’s the tips: Make sure you’ve updated to Windows 8.1. You’ll know you have if you [Click for the rest …]

 Posted by on April 1, 2015
Apr 012015
Transferring Pictures from Smartphone to Computer

Note: Pictures from Smartphone to Computer will be the beginner’s lesson topic for our Episode 34 “What Does This Button Do?” Internet show. You have a smartphone (or tablet) and you love taking pictures with it. You’ve racked up several hundred, maybe even thousands of snapshots and it may even be indicating that it is full! What [Click for the rest …]

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Escapade Rally: Geeks on Tour Seminars

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Mar 062015
Escapade Rally: Geeks on Tour Seminars

We are in Tucson, Arizona this week for the Escapees Annual RV Rally   Here are the seminars we will be presenting. Hope to see a lot of you there! All our seminars are located in Thurber Hall, Room 1. If you can’t be there and you’d like the seminar handout, they are all available [Click for the rest …]

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Hello 1960s, can I have my phone back?

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Feb 282015
Hello 1960s, can I have my phone back?

Do you feel weird holding the flat glass surface of a smartphone next to your face? Do you feel even weirder with earbuds in your ears and looking like you’re talking to yourself?A big hit when we present our smartphone seminar is showing how you can use a smartphone, OR a tablet to make a [Click for the rest …]

 Posted by on February 28, 2015
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