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Dec 312014
Pictures Look SO good in Google+ Photos!

In reviewing 2014, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time looking at the pictures I’ve uploaded to our web albums during the year. We have certainly had quite a year, and the way Google+ handles our photos it looks even more impressive than it was. I love how Google lays out my pictures in [Click for the rest …]

Nov 292014
Don’t go over your Internet Limits. Windows 8.1 Wi-Fi Tools can help.

Like water and electricity, Internet usage may be metered. Many travelers use their cellular devices as Wi-Fi hotspots. For example, we have smartphones with a Verizon Data Plan for Internet access. We turn a phone into a hotspot and connect our computers’ Wi-Fi to that hotspot. When the computer is working on the Internet, it [Click for the rest …]

Oct 312014
Sharing Links on Facebook

If you can see it on the web, you can share it with your Facebook friends. If you want to share a Youtube video with your Facebook friends it’s easy, when you’re viewing a Youtube video you have a link for “Share” and then you have an icon for sharing to Facebook.   But, what [Click for the rest …]

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