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Smartphones!  Everyone is getting them, but do they know what they have?  These are computers that also happen to make phone calls.  There is a lot to know about how to use them – and that’s not even counting all the Apps!  We had Motorola Droid Razr phones – now we have Samsung Galaxy phones, and we have an iPad Mini.  You will see all of these devices in these videos.  Your device will probably be somewhat different – any specific questions, please ask in the Forum.

Videos that Cover both Android and Apple

  1. Homescreens and Apps #258
  2. Geotag Photos Setting #251
  3. Post Office App #272
  4. Bubble Level App #273
  5. Talk to your Navigation App #279
  6. Quick Tip: Make a Hotspot with your Mobile Device #285 Free
  7. Navigating with Google Maps #319
  8. CoPilot Live App for Navigating #312 Free
  9. Using Dropbox to get Pictures from Phone/Tablet to your Computer #278

iPad/iPhone Specific Videos

  1. Customizing Homescreens #281
  2. Add a Contact #282
  3. Touchscreen Basics #283
  4. Website Shortcuts on Homescreens #315
  5. How to Print from iPad with or without Airprint #334
  6. How to Print your Calendar #333

Android Specific Videos

  1. Touchscreen Basics #222  (Free)
  2. How to Restart Device #217 (Free)
  3. What is Airplane Mode? #218
  4. Can you Talk and be Online at the Same Time? #221
  5. How to Copy and Paste #223
  6. Demo of Google Navigation #219
  7. Demo of Navigating to an Address in an Email #209
  8. Starring a Place on Google Maps #228
  9. Download App for Barcode Scanning and QR Codes #225
  10. Import Pictures from Phone to Computer #212
  11. Mobile Hotspot with PDANet/FoxFi #226
  12. Upload Pics to Facebook #205
  13.  Tip: Data Roaming #187
  14. Android System Settings #317
  15. Android Folders and Widgets #320
  16. Data Connections #322
  17. Intro to the Camera #323
  18. Import Photos to Samsung Tablet via MicroSD Port #335


What Does This Button Do? There is so much to learn about Smartphones and Tablets that we started a weekly show. All shows are archived on this page.

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  1. A great piece of information for all the android users,it will help the new users to know more about android application and its usage.

  2. how do i set up e mail on my smart phone

  3. Good info and it works for my Samsong Smart Phone

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