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Jim and Chris Guld are professional computer trainers.  As ‘Geeks on Tour’, we present computer seminars all over the country at computer clubs, RV parks and RV Rallies. The following list shows the topics we present.  We are updating and developing new topics all the time.  Each seminar is accompanied by a handout.  Handouts can be downloaded for free on our ‘Seminar Handouts‘ page.  Contact us about booking a presentation at your club or event.  Read these in-depth reviews of 2 seminars we presented to the Quad-Cities Computer Club.

Topic Title Description
#1: Technology for Travelers How Geeks on Tour use Technology to Plan, Preserve and Share Travels Meet Jim and Chris. They live full time in an RV and make extensive use of computers and technology to Plan, Preserve, and Share their travels. Their business, Geeks on Tour, is teaching you about the devices and software they think are the easiest and most useful.You will learn how they use smartphones and cellular technology for their Internet connections, what mapping and GPS technology they like best, how they manage thousands of digital pictures on their computers and post the best ones online for free and lastly, how to share all your experiences online with friends and family using Blogs and Photo Albums.
Blogs Every Traveler Needs a Blog “Every Traveler Needs a Blog! ” A Free, quick, and easy personal website to post your photos and tales of your travels. All your family and friends can follow along. If you haven’t seen a blog yet, check out ours: go to This is one of the easiest classes we teach. We guarantee that, if you pay attention, you WILL be able to go back to your computer and create a Blog, regardless of your computer experience.  Blogs are also great for clubs and small business websites.
Internet What is Cloud Computing? The ‘Cloud’ is simply The Internet – but it is taking on special meaning as Google, Microsoft, and others are offering accounts where you can have your own slice of the sky. If you start a document with your computer, finish it on a tablet, and view it on your smartphone, you’re using Cloud Computing.  This seminar will explain the concept and demonstrate how you would use it with examples from Google+ Photos, DropBox, and Onedrive.  You will learn how to share pictures using the Cloud and specifically how to get photos from your smartphone to your computer automatically, using Dropbox.
Facebook Facebook for Travelers Facebook is the perfect tool for keeping in touch with new friends you meet on the road.  This seminar will help you understand exactly what it is, how to get started, and tips for using Facebook successfully.  Facebook is a great way to share your pictures, with just one person, your group of friends, or the whole world.  Worried about privacy?  You actually have complete control over who can see your stuff.  We’ll show you how.  Do you have a travel club, or a small business?  Making a facebook page for your organization is easy, and it lets you communicate with your members, or customers.
Visit our facebook page at
Google Maps for Travelers Use Google Maps to Plan, Preserve, and Share your Travels. You’ve probably been to the Google Maps website to search for a destination. But did you know that you can plan a multi-stop route and print out the directions?  You can create and save custom maps to record your travels and share them with friends and family. Your custom maps can even include your photos, links, and descriptions. This seminar will show you how!
Google Earth for Travelers Overview of Google Maps, Earth, and StreetView: A complete interface to our planet. Google Earth is now accessible from Google Maps, all web-based, probably the coolest program ever conceived! Zoom in to detailed satellite imagery of any location, or even 360 degree photography.  Find out about locations from links, photos and reviews. Last but not least, make your own interactive map of your travels to share with others. Virtual travel at it’s best.  You GOTTA see this!
GPS: Streets and Trips GPS Navigation and Trip Planning How to plan your trips and follow your plan. Featuring Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013. Understand the different devices available, dashboard, hand-held, and USB devices for your computer. Even GPS enabled cell phones like the Droid and iPhone.
Internet on the Road Internet Connections on the Road: WiFi, Satellite, Cellular Come learn more about how to “Get Away, and Stay Connected!” Should you get a data card from your cell phone company? How does Wi-Fi work? How much does an Internet Satellite system cost? Do I need an amplifier or antenna?  How the Geeks Stay Connected?  With their Android smartphone as a Hot Spot.  These questions and more are answered in this seminar.
Movie Maker Video editing and slide shows with music and narration Learn how to make your own movies with Movie Maker, a free Windows program from Microsoft.  Use your pictures and video clips, add narration and music.  During the seminar, we will create a movie, step by step.  You’ll see the original pictures and video clips and learn how to combine them, arrange them on the story board, add transitions, music, and narration, and render the finished movie.  All you have to pay for is the popcorn!
Photo Story 3 Photo Story 3 makes Free and Easy Narrated Slideshows Take your digital still photos and let Photostory 3 make them look like a video movie with Zoom and Pan effects. Add custom-created music and narration all with this free, and Oh-So-Easy download from Microsoft.
Picasa and Web Albums The best way to organize, edit and share your travel pictures Find your pictures, Organize, Edit, Caption, and Share. It’s fast, it’s easy, and its FREE from Google. Picasa can: transfer photos from camera to computer, delete and organize photos, rename and caption, browse/view all  photos on your computer, improve photo quality in many ways without touching your original, print, email and post to web, create slideshows, find faces and geotags, and backup to CD or DVD.  It can even work with your video files. The best part is the fast and easy way to make all your photos look better. This you gotta see!
Safe Computing Regular Maintenance Techniques to keep your Computer Running Smooth and Virus-Free Practice Safe Computing: We call it BUCS, as in Backup, Update, Cleanup and Scan. Like a car tuneup, if you do it regularly using free tools, your computer will run much better. Combine that with learning what to click on and what not to click on and you can do a good job of remaining virus-free as well.
Photo Sharing on the Web Sharing Photos on the Web with Picasa, Facebook and Google+ Picasa has always given us Picasa Web Albums for sharing photos, but now Facebook is where most people send photos for Friends and Family to see.  Google + is enticing new users to share photos there by offering lots of special features.  Learn the differences and how to upload your photos to each service from Picasa on your computer or from your smartphone.
On the Road On the Road with Geeks on Tour A short (20 min) slideshow and talk about out full-time RVing lifestyle.
Smart Phones Smart Phones and Tablets for Travelers Your smartphone and/or tablet may be the only computer you need as you travel.  We will compare and contrast iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows 8.  We will discuss the features that are important to travelers: 3G/4G capability, GPS, Cameras, and Bluetooth, and give you our list of recommended Apps.  We will project the devices onto the big seminar screen and show you some basic operations, settings, voice search, camera settings, web-browsing, and photo uploading.  Whether you’ve had a smartphone for years, or you’re just thinking about getting one, you will learn something in this seminar.
Blogs-2 Blogging; Every Group Needs a Blog For people who already have a blog, or those who just want to see what can be included beyond the simple journal type of website. The seminar will use and Windows Live Writer to demonstrate how to include Youtube videos, Picasa Slideshows and map images in your blog posts or sidebars. You will also learn how to integrate the Facebook and Twitter micro-blogging environments with your main blog.  Perfect for clubs.
Picasa-Organizing Picasa: 5 Steps to Organizing your Pictures Many of us have had our digital cameras for several years now. As our collection of pictures grows, so does the need for organizing. In this session you will learn how to manage a simple folder structure, then use Tags and Albums for categorizing your photos.  This is a somewhat more advanced seminar, you will learn best if you are already familiar with using Picasa.

Hands-On Workshops

 Geeks on Tour Hands-On Computer Class
Computer Boot Camp 2-day, hands-on class on Computer Essential Skills Unlike kids today, we weren’t born knowing this stuff! What are windows and how to manage them? Reboot, cut, copy, paste, browse the web, saving files and finding them again! Editing documents and lots more.Using your own PC laptop, we present 6 sessions over 2 days complete with hands-on exercises. using Windows 7, Know your Laptop, Word Processing and Filing, Maintenance and Safe Computing, Wi-Fi and Web browsing.

I learned more in these past couple days than in the past ten years of using a computer.”

Picasa Photo Editing Workshop With Picasa In this class, students work with their own computer (Windows or Mac) and the Picasa software on their computer. The course uses sample pictures for editing exercises. The pictures have been specifically selected to demonstrate the editing features of Picasa. Following a demonstration, students have time to do hands-on editing themselves on their own computers. Class fee includes a detailed workbook and CD containing several tutorial videos and the sample pictures. Please come to class with your laptop charged and the Picasa software installed.Class duration: 3 hrs
Smart Phones Smart Phone School Bring your Android or iPhone and learn the basics.

Like a basic ‘Driver’s Ed’, this class will make sure you’re on the right track with your Android or iPhone smartphone.  Can you put a call on hold?  Do you know how to send a text message? This is a computer, do you know how to reboot it?  How about email – are you able to send and receive email from all your accounts?  Is your email synchronized with your computer?  Check your settings: can you switch between using Wi-Fi and cell signal?  How about making your phone a hotspot?  Do you know how to check your bandwidth usage against your allotment?  Browsing the web: you can type or search by voice.  Using your camera – do you know how to turn the flash off and on, or use the zoom?
Then there’s Apps!  Do you know how to find, download, install and uninstall Apps?   If we aren’t able to get to everything hands-on during class, don’t worry, you will receive a workbook with lots of references and tutorial videos to help you figure it out after class.

Seminars by Special Request

Internet Love Story Geeks on Tour: Relationship and Business made possible by the Internet Jim and Chris Guld were 50 years old when they sold their home and cut all their ties in order to follow their dream of living on the road. No retirement and no income; yet they were convinced they could make a living on the road as long as they had the Internet. You’ll hear their story plus learn how they stay connected to the Internet as they travel the country.
Websites Creating a Website with Free WordPress This seminar will give you step-by-step instructions to create a complete website with static pages as well as a blog and photo album. It can be a personal website, small business, or a club. You will learn to set up an account on the FREE hosting site and build a website using all free tools. Presented by Jim and Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour who have two WordPress-based sites: and .
Windows 7 Windows: Tips and Tricks Understanding the start menu, great searching, new Explorer screens and techniques, sidebar and clocks.  Bring your questions!  Windows 8 will be here soon.
Email All About Email on the Road Understanding Email addresses, incoming and outgoing servers. Which email provider to use and how to Connect from the Road.

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